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Welcome The purpose of our website is to introduce you to the beauty of Hungary. Beautiful landscapes and delicious food and drinks.

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We are constantly looking for the best and cheapest flight tickets to live anywhere in the world for you to make the most of your vacation in Hungary, which we hope we will be able to make even more beautiful.


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Our travel blog will help you explore Budapest or Hungary on your own. Or we’d be happy to introduce you to our country with a truly special premium trip, whether it’s about the rural atmosphere or the Balaton.


Hungarian food you must try

If you are visiting Hungary we would like to introduce you to some food, desserts and drinks that you have to taste and you are guaranteed to love Hungarian cuisine.

Are you traveling to Europe? Don’t overlook Budapest! Budapest is beautiful, plenty of history, safe, tons of things to do, tasty food, good beer, and budget-friendly and safety destination! We’ve put together the best things to do in Budapest to put on your Budapest itinerary.We will show you the best hotels and attractions that will be a lifelong adventure.

What is the best Hungarian food?
Paprika is often associated with Hungary and is used prominently in several dishes. Typical Hungarian food is heavy on dairy, cheese and meats, similar to that. Discover Hungarian flavors.

Hungary is rich in preserved and living folk traditions, as well as valuable intellectual heritage, which are certainly important parts of the cultural tourist attraction of the countryside. Just to name a few: the Busó festivities, falconry, the Matyó EMBROIDERY or even folk dancing and folk music; but when it comes to distilling Pálinka and winemaking, it’s safe to say that they all form part of the country’s authentic image. Let’s take stock of what constitutes the complex world of Hungarian folklore.

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Hungary Budget Travel Guide – Eger, Heviz, Matra hill, Hajduszoboszlo, Balaton. And many more places waiting for your.