Hungary’s Cake of the Year: A sweet delight for tourists

Hungary's Cake of the Year: A sweet delight for tourists

Hungary is a country with a rich culinary tradition, and cakes are no exception. Every year, a competition is held to find the best cake in the country, and the winner is crowned “Hungary’s Cake of the Year.” This cake is then featured in bakeries and restaurants across the country for the entire year.

The cakes of the past five years

The following are the cakes that have won the title of “Hungary’s Cake of the Year” in the past five years:

2023: Spicces füge respektus (Drunken Fig Respect) by Pál Lakatos
2022: Somlói galuska torta (Somlói Dumpling Cake) by Zoltán Szalai
2021: Rákóczi túrós (Rákóczi Cottage Cheese Cake) by József Dobos
2020: Diós-mákos bejgli (Walnut-Poppy Seed Roll) by Zsuzsanna Dobos
2019: Dobos torta (Dobos Cake) by Árpád Széll

Where to try Hungary’s cakes

If you’re visiting Hungary, you can try the winning cake at any bakery or restaurant that displays the “Hungary’s Cake of the Year” logo. You can also find the cakes at many cafes and hotels.

Other Hungarian desserts to try

In addition to Hungary’s Cake of the Year, there are many other delicious desserts to try in Hungary. Some of the most popular desserts include:

Krémes: A custard slice made with puff pastry and vanilla cream.
Gerbeaud szelet: A chocolate sponge cake with a layer of apricot jam and a chocolate glaze.
Rákóczi túrós: A cottage cheese cake with a walnut and poppy seed filling.
Dobos torta: A sponge cake with a chocolate buttercream filling and a caramel topping.

Hungary is a country with a sweet tooth, and there are many delicious desserts to try. If you’re visiting Hungary, be sure to try Hungary’s Cake of the Year, as well as some of the other popular desserts. You won’t be disappointed!

Sweet Tips for tourists

When ordering a cake in Hungary, it’s customary to ask for a slice (“szelet”).
If you’re not sure what kind of cake to order, ask the waiter or waitress for recommendations.
Many Hungarian cakes are quite sweet, so be sure to order a coffee or tea to go with your dessert.
If you’re taking a cake home with you, be sure to store it in the refrigerator.
Enjoy your sweet adventure in Hungary!