Budapest - Pest County

Vácrátót: The Pearl of the Danube Bend

Vácrátót is a picturesque village located in Pest County, in the Danube Bend, 30 km from Budapest, at the meeting point of the Gödöllő Hills and the Cserhát Mountains. The settlement has played an important role throughout history, and its ancient past boasts Roman remains. Vácrátót still preserves its rural atmosphere, and its beautiful natural environment, historical monuments and vibrant cultural life make it an attractive destination for tourists and those looking for relaxation.

Things to see and do in Vácrátót:

  • Vácrátót Arboretum: The 27-hectare botanical garden is one of the most beautiful arboretums in Hungary, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. The garden features native and exotic plant rarities, atmospheric walkways, a lake system and an impressive castle.

  • Roman Villa: The ruins of a Roman villa excavated near the village offer a glimpse into the life of the Romans in Pannonia. The villa’s mosaic floor and murals are among the gems of archaeological museums.

  • Holy Blood Votive Church: The Baroque church was built in the 18th century and houses the relic of the Holy Blood. The church is a pilgrimage site, a popular destination for pilgrims.

  • Vernacular House: The 19th-century peasant house is a showcase of local folk architecture and traditions. The vernacular house provides an insight into the everyday life of the old village.

  • Hiking opportunities: The surroundings of the village are ideal for hiking, cycling and horseback riding enthusiasts. The Gödöllő Hills and the Cserhát forests offer varied routes for nature lovers.

Events in Vácrátót:

  • Vácrátót Arboretum Open Day: The event offers free admission to the arboretum, concerts, a craft fair and family programs await visitors.

  • Holy Blood Pilgrimage: The pilgrimage to the church is one of the most popular events in the village, attracting pilgrims and locals alike.

  • Vácrátót Art Days: The event showcases the work of local artists, with exhibitions, concerts and art programs awaiting visitors.

Tips for visiting Vácrátót:

  • Vácrátót is easily accessible from Budapest by bus or train.

  • The village has a variety of accommodation options, from guesthouses to campsites.

  • Vácrátót has restaurants and cafes waiting for guests with local specialties.

  • In the village, you can buy handicrafts and souvenirs.

Vácrátót is a hidden gem of the Danube Bend, offering an unforgettable experience for visitors with its historical monuments, beautiful natural surroundings and vibrant cultural life.